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The Annona Enterprises Story
It was Spring of 2003. The new venture seemed poised for success. The company’s leaders had already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars over several years, building the business concept. They invited business analyst Soyini Coke to advise the company and corroborate its processes. Within three days, she knew that the company was doomed to fail.

She realized that structured planning and analyses are often – if not always – the difference between a wildly profitable venture and disappointing failure. Indeed, with the right bottom-line scrutiny up front, one could see the future as clearly as an oracle. With an eye toward empowering entrepreneurs to build organizations of growth and prosperity, Annona Enterprises was born.

Fast-forward to the present. Today, Annona Enterprises helps business owners propel their companies from infancy to stability through all of the issues they face. We work with our clients to demonstrate how proper planning and careful execution can make every day at work an opportunity for entrepreneurs, their investors, and their employees to fulfill their life’s purpose. Our goal is to build a world of abundance, where anyone can be an entrepreneur and everyone can earn the financial resources to live a life they love.

*ANNONA*: a goddess from Roman mythology, is the personification of plenty and the produce of the year. She ruled the harvest and the marketplace, and along with Ceres (the goddess of agriculture), Annona was printed on Imperial coins.

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