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ForeShadowSM Performance Management

A business plan is not a business. The true value of a business plan comes from superior execution. Annona works directly with your accounting department to track whether your business is performing according to plan. We also work with your entire team – actually “shadowing” them over a period of time, when appropriate – to monitor and troubleshoot when necessary.

The ForeShadow process helps entrepreneurs:

  • Keep ventures on-plan with ongoing oversight from a highly informed yet objective, independent set of eyes and ears.
  • Stay continually informed of the current state of the business through ongoing, objective financial assessments.
  • Assure the validity of your business plan’s assumptions over time – including incremental adjustments (when necessary) to keep your goals in sight.
  • Recognize and resolve issues very rapidly, via close cooperation and communication between your leadership and your Annona team.

The Annona Advantage

  • Ongoing performance management replaces wishful thinking with practical information and timely action to keep business on target.
  • Follow-through remains integral to the business planning process.
  • ForeShadow Performance Management helps ensure successfull implementation over time.


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