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Three common challenges that can kill an entrepreneurial effort (and how Annona helps you avoid them)

If you’re developing a new entrepreneurial business opportunity, you must be prepared to overcome these three common challenges:

1. Your people already have day jobs. That makes it difficult to free the resources necessary to build a detailed, useable business plan, especially when the plan requires input from multiple areas of the organization.

2. Building a business is not the same as running one. You know how to manage your business on an ongoing basis. But, you may not have the knowledge, people or processes necessary to build or grow a new business – yet.

3. A business plan is not a business. And without a process for creating a business, how will you know if your new venture is on track for success? Most organizations do not have either the knowledge identify key mileposts, or the bandwidth to monitor important trends and performance indicators.

Annona Enterprises helps organizations overcome these challenges. So you won’t have to wonder whether your new venture will succeed. You’ll know. In short, we help entrepreneurs:

  • Save time and transition from business plan to successful business faster than otherwise possible.
  • Protect financial and human resources.
  • Streamline internal operations.
  • Focus on truly productive opportunities while avoiding potentially expensive mistakes.
  • Know the present, as well as the future, with attention to short-term tactical issues as well as longer-term strategic metrics and ongoing evaluation.

*ANNONA*: a goddess from Roman mythology, is the personification of plenty and the produce of the year. She ruled the harvest and the marketplace, and along with Ceres (the goddess of agriculture), Annona was printed on Imperial coins.

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