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The Strategist will be responsible for project management of business planning process, which yields two deliverables for all Annona clients: The business plan is a document of 20-30 pages in length detailing the major strategic direction and objectives for the business. Annona conducts all the research and writes the chapters listed below with clients providing source material, as necessary.

Executive Summary

  • The Market Opportunity
  • Products, Services, and Operations
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Strategy and Implementation
  • Management Summary
  • Risks

The other key deliverable in the planning process is a financial model that enables clients to understand the performance of their business over time and the key assumptions that will underlie those results. These projections help clients understand where the money they plan to make will come from and identify the areas of risk in the business.

Annona uses a validated process to work with clients to develop the content used in the business plan. The Strategist will be expected to use this process, working with a Market Research Associate, Finance Associate, Copy Writer, and Graphic Designer to develop a high-quality, investor-ready, actionable plan for our client’s growth.

Qualifications/Basic Job requirements

  • Previous experience in management consulting, investment banking, or venture capital
  • Previous client management experience
  • Previous experience working directly with entrepreneurs or having started a business
  • Ability to run meetings
  • Ability to manage teams
  • Ability to manage deadlines

The Associate will be responsible for conduct the research and building the financial projections that accompany the business plan for Annona’s clients. The Associate will be responsible for gathering information on the size of the market and the competitive dynamics for our client’s business plan. This data defines the market opportunity for a client’s business and validates the biggest assumption underlying the company’s business model. Annona Enterprises is responsible for ensuring that there is sufficient demand for our client’s product or service. The model is typically used for two purposes: first, to understand the key drivers of the client’s trajectory for planning the growth strategy and second, justifying the company’s financial performance to potential investors.

Qualifications/Basic Job requirements

  • Financial modeling experience (Pro-forma P &L, Balance Sheet, and Cash flow Statements)
  • Ability to gather information
  • Ability to read and summarize information presented as part of a project
  • Ability to combine written information into a single voice
  • Experience in online and offline research
  • Ability to gather information
  • Ability to read and summarize information presented as part of a project
  • Ability to combine written information into a single voice

Essential Functions

  • Researching industry, trade, and other literature, both online and offline
  • Conducting interviews, surveys, and other primary research

*ANNONA*: a goddess from Roman mythology, is the personification of plenty and the produce of the year. She ruled the harvest and the marketplace, and along with Ceres (the goddess of agriculture), Annona was printed on Imperial coins.

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