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Soyini Coke, Founder and Managing Principal
Soyini Coke leads the Annona Enterprises team of consultants and works directly with executives to write actionable, investor-ready documents and develop financial projections to map the growth of their businesses. She and her team have facilitated the launch and growth of many businesses, conducting research necessary to determine each venture’s true potential for success.

Prior to founding Annona Enterprises, Soyini served as an interim executive for start-up companies—structuring financing transactions, establishing a pipeline of potential investors, conducting presentations to raise capital, creating business plan and investor documents, creating the companies’ organizational structures, and designing business processes for management of company operations and revenue generation. She served as Business Manager for Atlanta-based FIERCE Magazine, an edgy, multi-cultural publication for women. Soyini is also the founder of Twenty Houses, Inc., a real estate investing company that wholesales property to other investors and controls a portfolio of residential real estate.
She served as a business analyst at McKinsey after graduating cum laude from Harvard University in 1998 with a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Mathematics and Economics.

The depth and variety of all of these experiences helped Soyini create Annona Enterprises’ unique process and framework that evaluates the health of young companies and guide them to better operational performance.


*ANNONA*: a goddess from Roman mythology, is the personification of plenty and the produce of the year. She ruled the harvest and the marketplace, and along with Ceres (the goddess of agriculture), Annona was printed on Imperial coins.

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