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A surprisingly large number of businesses begin with good ideas and funding and they race ahead using insufficient resources and a flawed plan. As a result, they waste thousands of dollars and immeasurable time before they realize that no amount of inspiration, passion or dedication will rescue the venture from failure.

But, somewhere in the ether, there is a place that holds all the knowledge, know-how, tools and experience on starting and running a small or medium-sized business. All the wisdom built up over thousands of years of people taking an idea, turning that idea into a product or service, creating business models for that product, finding a market—people who want to buy that product or service, and then mixing it all together into a successful business. This is the world of Annona and all her prophets. Annona Enterprises gives people and businesses access to this world.

Annona delivers:

  • A proven record of successful business plan evaluation and development
  • Plan measurement and performance management expertise
  • Tools and resources that enable and drive ongoing performance
  • A structured model that integrates long-term strategic vision with short-term tactical metrics

In short, the Annona process illuminates the full potential of entrepreneurial ideas – along with detailed directions on how to get there.

*ANNONA*: a goddess from Roman mythology, is the personification of plenty and the produce of the year. She ruled the harvest and the marketplace, and along with Ceres (the goddess of agriculture), Annona was printed on Imperial coins.

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